Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Field Experience Q-5

·         Is the school goals driven?  I wish I would have taken these questions with me because this is not something that I actually took the time to research.  The school itself seemed to be goal driven in that each week the students have Heritage fitness time, where they have specific time set aside for the students to get exercise and learn about their health.  How are the goals displayed? I did not see anything displayed but I was not looking specifically for it.  

Field Experience Q-4

·         What diversity are you noticing in the school?  The school I was in was very diverse with the different cultures of students to the disabled students who were in the general classrooms.  There was one student that had autism, in a general classroom, that was just giving his para-educator a very hard time but she was extremely calm and worked things out with him so he was able to go about his day.  What are strategies in place to help these students be successful?  Keeping all the students in the general classrooms and ensuring the “Hope” team assists any student with possible issues.  What needs do you feel are going unnoticed?  None that I noticed while I was there. 

Field Experience Q-3

·         What does technology look like there?  All the teachers are equipped with Mac computers and the students have iPad for reading, math, etc. 

·         Are the students literate in technology vocab?  I was in a first grade classroom, for the most part all of the students were very literate in the technology.

·         What experiences are being provided?  The school provides the teachers with lessons that can be utilized during their lesson plans or use something a little different if they are not comfortable with the explanation of material. 

Field Experience Q-2

·         What are the classrooms like? Cheerful? Colorful?  I was in a first grade classroom, the particular teacher that I was with had her room decorated with patriotic number, letters, sight words, etc.  The room was very cheerful, colorful and very organized with cubbies for the students, a closet for the teacher and a sink for washing hands and drinking water. 

·         Upload a sketch or a photo of the classroom you observed (no children, please)

·         What are on the walls?  Patriotic everything that the teacher could find which I think she switches out from year to year. 

·         What does the teacher desk look like?  The teacher’s desk was a smaller desk, organized but used on a daily basis.

·         Are there books in the room?  There were a lot of books in the room; curriculum books, books for fun and books for read aloud time with the teacher.  

Field Experience Q-1

·         Describe the school community.  How do the halls look? Sound? The school itself is extremely clean, the building was just renovated a few years ago so it is all new and updated.  There was very little chatter within the halls.  The student are not overly loud but are able to talk quietly when waiting in line. 

·         What is the noise level? Is it a happy sound? Like in the previous question, the noise level is soft but very happy and controlled.   

·         Are there any displays? Each grade level had their own d├ęcor for the specific holiday such as Valentine’s Day.  The rest of the halls in general were very clean with plants and boards for future student art/displays.

·         What is the library, gym, music room and art room like?

I was not in the library, music or art room; there are specific teachers for these separate instruction which give the primary teacher time to catch up on any other classroom tasks.  I was able to go into the gyms, newly renovated, very clean but both on the small side.  It is mainly used for small assemblies and lunch time for the students.

·         How much pride is taken in the overall school appearance?  Between the inside and outside of the school, the amount of pride was very relevant by the teachers and staff.

·         Is the principal easy to talk with? I was not able to talk with the principal but I did speak with the assistant superintendent of schools here at the Osage School.  This was actually an eye opening experience because I was able to talk with not only other teachers but I was able to see that there are many other levels of the school that most of us do not think about.  She was a very nice woman and my teacher said I made a very good impression so that is awesome! 

·         How are the school secretaries?  The secretary I spoke with was very happy and extremely helpful.  I was fortunate enough to have lunch with one of the secretaries, she was very easy to talk with and we laughed throughout the whole lunch.  Do they make a good first impression?   Most definitely made a good first impression!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Classroom Management

Most parents and teachers do not think that a student spends the majority of his or her time with their teacher throughout a school year.  With this in mind, a teacher should ensure that the students in class are on their best behavior.  This article tells about how a teacher can create a safe, happy, orderly environment to learn.  A teacher should treat all of his/her students the same, no one student should be singled out in any way.  All students should be able to approach, talk with and express themselves to their teacher.  Teachers should make every effort in resolving an issue in the classroom instead of sending troubled students to the office to have someone else deal with the troubled student. 

A teacher should always try to keep a positive environment for students, check to see how students are doing(one on one) and do not ever label a student as “bad” or “unruly”.  Talk with students that are out of line privately vise talking in front of everyone, keep a positive attitude with all students and make sure as a teacher to let go of any resentment that might be held for a troubled student.  At the beginning of the school year, develop class rules but let the students assist in the creation of the rules and ensure that all parents are given a copy of the class rules so they are kept in with the management of the classroom as well.  It is a team effort with the teachers, students and parents to ensure a classroom runs smoothly throughout a school year. 

Bruce Van Stone. TEACH Magazine. 2016 How to Create a Positive Classroom Environment.