Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Classroom Management

Most parents and teachers do not think that a student spends the majority of his or her time with their teacher throughout a school year.  With this in mind, a teacher should ensure that the students in class are on their best behavior.  This article tells about how a teacher can create a safe, happy, orderly environment to learn.  A teacher should treat all of his/her students the same, no one student should be singled out in any way.  All students should be able to approach, talk with and express themselves to their teacher.  Teachers should make every effort in resolving an issue in the classroom instead of sending troubled students to the office to have someone else deal with the troubled student. 

A teacher should always try to keep a positive environment for students, check to see how students are doing(one on one) and do not ever label a student as “bad” or “unruly”.  Talk with students that are out of line privately vise talking in front of everyone, keep a positive attitude with all students and make sure as a teacher to let go of any resentment that might be held for a troubled student.  At the beginning of the school year, develop class rules but let the students assist in the creation of the rules and ensure that all parents are given a copy of the class rules so they are kept in with the management of the classroom as well.  It is a team effort with the teachers, students and parents to ensure a classroom runs smoothly throughout a school year. 

Bruce Van Stone. TEACH Magazine. 2016 How to Create a Positive Classroom Environment.