Lesson Plans Week # 4

Clint—Social Studies for high school students.Focus on the Civil War-lesson one.I really liked the bell work with having the students tell what they know or ask questions on what they do not know.Having the students have a journal to keep information about what was talked about in class.I love the sample thinking map to give the students the openness to work on their own.I really like the power point Clint used for the lesson, simple, to the point but gains attention on the information.Lesson two adds the slavery portion of the Civil War, making sure they remember what was taught in lesson one, another thinking map, project for the class and putting the class into groups to discussion the railroad at the time.

Lesson Plans Week # 3

Tiffannie—3rd grade science about plants and animals.I love the Froggy Froggy video presented for the anticipatory set, the students will remember what the lesson is about with that kind of hook!I loved how you broke down what time frame the information was to be presented in your lesson. The second lesson had really pretty pictures and another great video for the anticipatory set. Great idea for the students to write about how animals adapt. Carman—Continued with 2nd grade “Fall into Math”, I love the worksheet idea but need to have specific math problems for the students. Linsey—1st grade writing, the students writing about The Three Little Pigs.The story maps with the setting, characters, problem, and solution.The next lesson writing about Goldilocks and the Three Bears, similar to the previous lesson using the story map.I love the worksheets for this assignment!

Sara—5th grade landforms, fun, workable websites, explaining what landforms are and how they come to be.Creating an island…

Lesson Plans Week # 2

Crystal- 6th Science lesson plan, requiring 100% of specific organisms.Certain characteristics of organisms that are alive or not alive.What is an ecosystem?Breaking down what an ecosystem is and continuing on with the lesson as a unit. Ensure that the class is given a closure, like mine but I really enjoyed the lesson. Carman- 2nd grade math lesson with adding 1-4 digit problems.How you named the lesson plans was awesome….”Fall into two digit numbers,” this hooks the students almost right away!I really enjoyed how you kept the students engaged with learning math.Sometimes, students really have a hard time with math but keeping them excited about it is great!Awesome lesson plan! My corrections--Closure- at the end of the lesson. What they want to come up with remediation and enrichment.Have to have work done at school with no homework.Different anticipatory set activity.

Lesson Plans Week # 1

I really liked all of the lesson plans that were done tonight! Great job everyone!

Amanda’s presentation- (1) I really enjoyed Amanda’s lesson plan for 2nd graders breaking down how to explain a story’s beginning, middle and end. Making sure the students understand how a book is broken down will help them understand reading the book itself. (2) Explaining character traits in 2nd grade on the book Molly Lou Melon’s on a handout, traits about themselves, and using apps on iPad. 2nd grade students are still learning different traits about themselves and so for them to learn about it in class is a great way to help the students grow.

Douglas’ presentation- (1) Language arts with metaphors, hyperboles, etc for 5th grade. I love how Doug makes the class excited about learning language arts. Playing a game to help students learn is a great way to keep them engaged with the subject. (2) Similes for students to learn in 5th grade. Making sure the students stay engaged is the best way to ensure t…

Thinking Maps

Hello all!
Thinking maps are a great way to bring information together for those who are visual or a student that needs information broken down in a different manner.  I really liked the bridge map choice but I think if I add too much to the map, I may get confused but that is me.  It seemed as though most any subject could be used in creating a bridge map and help to keep information organized.  I am not sure if I would utilize this method in an elementary classroom, I think there would be too much drawing for some of the students and less learning.  Just a thought after observing the last few weeks, I could be oh so wrong though.  :-)

Teach Like a Champion

During this assignment for our blog post I had to stop myself from watching more videos and writing about them, I absolutely loved this particular bit of information and will be looking to purchase the book Teach Like a Champion.  I have been in my field experience classroom for just over a week now and a lot of the information that my cooperating teacher does follows along with the information from these videos.  I think there is a lot more to learn about lesson plans but there is so much to learn as to what not to do in the lessons as well. 
Video # 1 Teach Like a Champion 2.0 - Wanting to make the book Teach Like a Champion a better book by the notes taken from teachers and the students that can make teachers better for the students.  This is a way to work with teachers to make better teachers; it is all about working together to make everyone better!
Video # 2 Technique 1 No Opt Out - Not allowing the students to get out of something they "don't know" and not lettin…

My Barnacle

I think the biggest portion of class that stuck with me was during the video when Mr. McTighe stated that we should not worry about all the "extra" mumbo-jumbo that falls within teaching to a test.  (not his exact words but close :-))  The main point was that teachers should not worry about all the unnecessary information that is added to lesson plans but to teach the "meat and potatoes" of a lesson.  Teachers are so worried about teaching to a test or trying to make a subject fun that they loose sight of teaching the students.  Yes, the lesson should be fun and tests should not be the end result...ensuring the students retain the information being presented.  Focus on the students and everyone will win!